I am professor at Royal Holloway where I hold a University of London Chair of Structural Geology. Previously, I was research professor in Volcanology at the Nordic Volcanological Institute, University of Iceland, then professor and Chair of Hydrogeology of Solid Rocks at the University of Bergen (Norway) and, before I came to the UK, professor and Chair and Head of Department of Structural Geology and Geodynamics at the Universtity of Gottingen (Germany). I have an MSc in Structural Geology and Rock Mechanics from Imperial College London and a PhD in Tectonophysics from the University of London.

I am a fellow of the Icelandic Academy of Science and Academia Europaea (The Academy of Europe). I am an associate editor and on the editorial board of various journals such as Bulletin of Volcanology, Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, Journal of Geological Research, Tectonophysics, and Terra Nova.

Briefly, my main research interests are in the physics of various geological and physical processes. More specifically, my research focuses on volcanotectonics, seismotectonics, fluid transport in porous and fractured reservoirs, as well as the thermodynamics/statistical mechanics of lineaments and networks

I have an extensive experience in field studies of volcanoes, faults zones, and reservoirs of ground water, geothermal water, gas, oil, and magma, as well as in analytical and numerical modelling of various geological structures and processes.